Here’s The IVE Member That Caught ITZY Lia’s Attention

“Her voice sounds really nice.”

Checking on her juniors, ITZY‘s Lia mentioned seeing one of IVE‘s performances and revealed which member caught her attention the most.

Lia | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Since Lia pays special attention to vocalists’ unique colors, she remembered an IVE member that had a voice that appealed to her. Lia said, “From IVE, I saw a performance. Her vocal tone sounded really nice too.

Because it had been the first time she’d seen the group, Lia wasn’t sure of the member’s name and gave a description that helped narrow it down.

I’m not sure what her name is, but she had a really nice vocal tone. She had blonde hair with dimples like this. And she had bangs.

— Lia

Lia admitted that she’d been amazed every time the member came on screen. She added, “So whenever I saw their performance, when her part came on, I’d think, ‘Her voice sounds really nice.’

With the help of fans to spark her memory, Lia confirmed that the member was indeed Liz.

Liz’s “really nice” vocal tone and “really catchy” part caused her to stand out to Lia.

Liz | @IVE_twt/Twitter

With a senior idol already complimenting them on their vocals, IVE are rookies to watch out for.

IVE | @IVEstarship/Twitter
Source: Naver Live