IVE Members All Agree On One Thing When They Think Of Jang Wonyoung

We love to see members supporting each other!

Being one of the hottest K-Pop girl groups these days, they are constantly being talked about by K-Pop fans and netizens alike. Member Jang Wonyoung, who has been in the spotlight since IZ*ONE, is known for her legendary visuals and sweet personality. Let’s take a look at what the other members think about her too!

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Leader Yujin revealed that Wonyoung is like an older sister even though she is younger. 

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She is a friend that helps me a lot due to her strong and unshakable inner self.

Gaeul revealed that she hopes that Wonyoung knows that she can lean on the other members when she needs to.

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Our Wonyoung has a lot of hardships but is also the member that doesn’t show any emotions the most during promotions…and that is why we are concerned the most about her. I hope you know that you can always lean on the members and know that we always support you, ok?

Rei expressed her respect for Wonyoung for always working hard for the group despite all her other schedules.

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This isn’t TMI but while we were preparing for our album, we had b-side tracks titled, ‘LOVE DIVE’ and ‘ROYAL’ and Wonyoung’s parts were so good. Even before our group practice, she would come early to practice and seeing that made me respect her a lot and the final outcome was good too.

Liz revealed that Wonyoung is a member that she wants to learn from.

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A member that I want to learn from is Wonyoung. Even with all those solo schedules, she attends our daily dance practices without any complaints. I’ve never seen her being tired before.

Leeseo expressed what a great unni she was for always helping her out!

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Whenever I don’t know something, she’s the unni that lets me know kindly.

But there is one thing that the members agree on when it comes to Wonyoung, and that is professionalism!

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Something I want to learn from Wonyoung is her professional image.

Something I want to learn from Wonyoung is being a professional idol.

Something I want to learn from Wonyoung is being a professional.

Something I want to learn from Wonyoung is being a professional.

We love to see a busy yet dedicated queen being there for her group while growing her solo career by expanding in different fields!

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