Who Is She? IVE Wonyoung’s Mysterious Chaebol Best Friend That Surprised Korean Netizens

They definitely share a close friendship.

Last year, Jang Wonyoung sent shockwaves through the Korean community sites when she was spotted hanging out with a friend who is no stranger to the world of privilege and wealth. This mysterious friend is none other than Lee Joo Young, the granddaughter of a prominent “chaebol” family in Korea. The unexpected friendship between these two women raised eyebrows and led to speculations about Wonyoung’s own background. But who is Lee Joo Young, and how deep is her friendship with the IVE star?

| @for_everyoung10/Instagram

It all began when Wonyoung shared a delightful photo on her Instagram story last summer. The picture featured a dessert adorned with eyes, nose, and mouth, sporting sunglasses and lips shaped like a kissing emoji. Wonyoung captioned it with a simple, “So cute.” However, what captured netizens’ attention was the fact that shortly after Wonyoung’s post, Lee Joo Young shared the exact same photo on her own Instagram account.

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This coincidence sparked rumors that Wonyoung and Lee might have been on a friendly outing together, possibly at a high-end omakase restaurant, based on the background of their photos. While many jumped to assumptions about Wonyoung’s own background and the possibility of the IVE star being a chaebol herself, fans shared that Wonyoung and Lee Joo Young likely share a casual friendship, given that Lee has been known to interact closely with various idols regardless of their status.

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Their friendship blossomed over time, however, with Lee even attending one of IVE’s concerts to show her support most recently. She posted pictures of herself with Wonyoung backstage and shared several Instagram stories from the concert itself, much to the delight of fans. The post sparked conversations about the two once again, with many K-Pop fans now wondering just who is Lee Joo Young.

Other than just being a “chaebol” and a social butterfly, Lee Joo Young — also known as Jules Lee — seems to be a fiery advocate for various social issues. She is dedicated to women’s rights and environmental protection, citing her high school and undergraduate experiences at Seoul Foreign School and Georgetown University as formative in emphasizing the importance of community service. During her high school years, Jules led CNN International‘s “Freedom Project,” an initiative focused on raising awareness and combating modern slavery. In her undergraduate years, she collaborated with Nadya Okamoto on projects aimed at pioneering the issue of menstrual equity in South Korea.

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Currently, one of Lee’s most active projects is the “Sonyu Project,” where, as Talitha Koum‘s newest brand ambassador, she is leading a charity campaign that includes donations of body care products and monetary contributions to the Seoul Green Trust.

Jules Lee’s vibrant social life is also well-documented on Instagram, where she boasts over 114,000 followers. The platform serves as a window into her exciting life, filled with updates on her attendance at events like, most recently, the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) and various fashion shows or store pop-ups. Additionally, she shares insights into her collaborations with top luxury brands and her involvement in thrilling new projects, such as her partnership with Talitha Koum.

Seems like Wonyoung surrounds herself with the best of the best. And we can’t say we’re surprised.