IVE’s Wonyoung Looks Even More Stunning In Real Life, And The Fans Who Just Saw Her In Paris Can Attest To This

She was there for a FRED Paris event.

IVE‘s Wonyoung is a visual indeed!

The 18-year old singer is one of the hottest celebrities in the Korean entertainment industry at present. Not only is her group’s latest title track, “AFTER Like,” a hit on the charts, but she’s also bagging endorsement deals left and right.

Samsung, Miu Miu, Innisfree, and many more famous brands are part of this list.

The newest one to join her portfolio is none other than FRED Paris, a jewelry brand that is known for their colorful gemstones and custom designs.

| @fredjewelry/Instagram

As their newest model, she travelled to Paris on the 25th to attend their “Palais De Tokyo Paris” exhibition.

Needless to say, Wonyoung amazed everyone with her outstanding beauty! Her press shots were already notable, with her corporate outfit highlighting her long legs and professional aura.

Her beauty really stood out, however, in fan-taken pictures and videos.

She made a great impression beginning all the way from the airport. Not only was Wonyoung said to be even prettier in person, but she was also friendly with the fans who came to see her, making for an ultra-memorable experience.

Fans in Paris captured just how tall and lithe she was in person, standing out in the crowd with her top tier visuals.

She made stepping out of a car look just like a K-Drama scene!

Moreover, her clear skin, symmetrical features, and tall stature were more evident than ever when she was standing just a few feet away.

According to one lucky Twitter user, just making eye contact with her was a reason to feel grateful.

Though Wonyoung is already stunning in official branded photos…

| @fredjewelry/Instagram

…her beauty is just as awe-inspiring when seeing her in casual phone-taken shots—if not more.