IVE’s An Yujin Is Tortured While Watching People Eat On A Reality Show And We Can Understand Why

If you can’t eat it, watch a mukbang?

On February 20, IVE‘s An Yujin appeared on the MBC television show Buddy Into The Wild and shared her passion for food.

Ahn Yujin | @_yujin_an/Instagram

Starring former soccer player and TV personality Ahn Jung Hwan and singer BoomBuddy In The Wild is a reality program where celebrity friend groups go off into the wild, away from civilization and fighting to survive in the wild.

Boom (left) and Ahn Jung Hwan (right) | MBC

In the latest episode, An Yujin appeared as a guest panelist for the show and shared that she usually has a huge appetite and is “serious about eating.”

Even if I eat one meal, I want to eat it properly.

— An Yujin

Gukbap, or pork soup with rice, is her favorite food. “I must eat gukbap when I come back from being overseas,” she stated, adding that she loves to eat seonji, or hardened blood lumps, which surprised everyone.


She also said she hopes to be “vicariously satisfied” through the show as if she were “watching a mukbang” because she is currently on a diet and taking care of her figure.

| @_yujin_an/Instagram

This episode featured Hyun Joo Yeop, Lee Dae Ho, and Kim Tae Kyun, three friends who can easily finish 39 portions of meat together. While the “Three Eating Captains” embarked on this journey into the wild, catching and cooking seafood with their bare hands, An Yujin couldn’t help but be completely immersed.


She cheered for them as they tried to catch crab, conch, and shells and grabbed her face with hunger and envy as the trio ate a steamed seafood dish they cooked.

The sea cucumber is even more delicious when cooked in steamed seafood.

(Every texture of food) is there… It’s all there… (I want to eat it so badly…)

Her passion for the food and the raw emotions portrayed in her expressive reactions reeled the viewers into the show and made us realize that An Yujin is a food lover, just like many of us.



Source: MBC and E Daily