IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon Named Girls’ Generation As Her Biggest Influence And Everyone’s Feeling Emotional AF

Does anyone have some tissues?

It’s certainly easy to fall in love with IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon especially when you watch her dance, but it turns out there’s a very special reason why Chaeyeon decided to become an idol and it’s making everyone feel incredibly emotional!


IZ*ONE recently made an appearance on SBS Radio PowerFM Jung Somin’s Young Street. Since Chaeyeon is known for her impeccable and heart-stopping dance moves, she was asked when she started and she revealed she fell in love with it a long time ago.

I first started to learn dancing when I was in elementary school.

— Chaeyeon


Chaeyeon also revealed the reason behind falling in love with dance will all because of Girls’ Generation!

I used to dance to Girls’ Generation ‘Kissing You’ and my dad would give me sugar candies. I liked it so much and I realized that I was good at it too!

— Chaeyeon


She even sang a snippet of the Girls’ Generation’s song that started her on the path to becoming an idol!


After learning about her reason for becoming an idol, many fans have been feeling pretty emotional and have been sending lots of love to Chaeyeon and Girls’ Generation.


Chaeyeon isn’t the only female idol who has named Girls’ Generation as a big influence in their life and have had their own fangirl moments over them. But fans couldn’t be happier to know that Chaeyeon is a SONE for life too!