IZ*ONE’s Sakura Just “Liked” X1 Wooseok’s Photo On Instagram

She was caught!

IZ*ONE‘s Sakura had an indirect interaction with X1‘s Wooseok!

On January 21, Wooseok posted a handsome selfie on his official Instagram account.

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기대가 되는 하루

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It appears that Sakura also found him good looking because alert fans were quick to notice that she had already “liked” his picture after it was posted.

Sakura reportedly “unliked” the photo right away, but several fans had already permanently captured the moment.

Some netizens believe she must have accidentally pressed the “like” button while scrolling through her Instagram feed.

She probably liked it while scrolling on her feed, I’ve experienced it a lot of times.
She probably did it by accident since she erased it right away.

– K-Netizens

With Wooseok’s out-of-this-world visuals, others could totally understand why she would have “liked” it.

Wow his face is seriously amazing, I would’ve liked the picture too.
You can’t help but like it…? He’s f*cking handsome.

– K-Netizens

Whether it was an accident or not, this indirect interaction between two gorgeous idols is one for the books!

Source: TheQoo