IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon & AB6IX’s Woojin Show Off Their Friendship At KCON Japan 2019

Their friendship has withheld the test of time.

Both IZ*ONE and AB6IX were performers at this year’s KCON Japan, and during the encore, Chaeyeon and Woojin were caught having a cute moment on the stage. As IZ*ONE and AB6IX were passing each other, Woojin did a little bit of choreography from IZ*ONE’s latest single “Violeta”. Immediately after, Chaeyeon kicked his shoes.

Chaeyeon and Woojin are both former trainees at JYP Entertainment. While Chaeyeon debuted under JYP Entertainment, Woojin left JYP Entertainment and has debuted with AB6IX under Brand New Music.

Chaeyeon and Woojin as trainees

Clearly the bond they created as trainees at JYP Entertainment has lasted till today.