IZ*ONE’s Yena Let Out Her Inner Fangirl When She Met Red Velvet’s Seulgi And Joy

What she did with the picture is 100% relatable.

On June 22, IZ*ONE member Yena posted a picture of her meeting two Red Velvet members – Seulgi and Joy. The rookie idol met her idols on the set of tvN’s Prison Life of Fools, of which she is a cast member.

Red Velvet’s guest appearance on the show was straight out of Yena’s wildest fangirl dreaams. She commemorated the meeting by making one of the pictures they took the her lockscreen on her phone. (If that doesn’t scream fan culture, then we don’t know what does!)

Yena may be an internationally famous idol promoting with the mega-popular K-Pop/J-Pop group IZ*ONE, but that didn’t stop her from living her best fan life.

This week, Red Velvet sunbaenim were guests on Prison Life of Fools, so I had a happy time filming..♥︎

I took a picture too😘

-Yena’s Caption

The episodes featuring Joy and Seulgi will be airing June 22 and 29 on tvN.

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