J-Hope and BamBam Are Some of K-Pop’s Sexiest Rappers

These two talented rappers are being noticed for more than just their skills; they’re also getting attention for their incredible looks.

Recently fans are taking notice of how sexy BTS‘s J-Hope and GOT7‘s BamBam have become. J-Hope appears to get more handsome with every comeback, while BamBam has matured into an extremely attractive young man.

BTS’s J-Hope

One of BTS’s main rappers and the resident ray of sunshine, J-Hope has become one of the powerhouses of K-Pop.  With a gorgeous, sharp jawline and amazingly fit body, it’s clear why so many people find him attractive.

He’s at his sexiest when he’s really getting into this performance, like during this stage during Danger promotions.

He also owned this totally sexy stage with BTS’s new choreography remix for No More Dream. Between those hips and that look, this rapper owns a stage.

GOT7’s BamBam

It seems like just yesterday GOT7‘s BamBam was debuting at the young age of 16 with his adorable face and youthful features. He’s definitely matured and grown up into a very handsome man.

He really wowed fans with this totally sexy dance during a mention at GOT7’s Flight Log: Turbulence stop in Miami.

BamBam also has proven his unbelievable sexiness and attitude with his covers of girl group performances like – like this stage cover of miss A‘s “Hush” with Jo Kwon.

Look at those hips! This rapper can really bring out the moves. BamBam’s sexy side is unbelievable.