BTS’s J-Hope Has ARMYs Volunteering To Be His Maids  

Fans don’t mind taking care of a mess, if it’s J-Hope’s mess.

Working as a maid? Meh. Working as a maid for BTS‘s J-Hope? ARMY will do it for free!

On March 30, J-Hope treated fans with three new photos of himself looking his best in a bold and colorful outfit.

His Vetemonster shirt of cartoon characters demands attention, but some fans are being distracted by things happening in the background.

What is this mess, and who made it?

It can’t possibly be J-Hope’s mess, can it? As this fan pointed out, J-Hope is one of BTS’s neatest members.

Whoever is sneaking about in the background could be the true culprit, but either way, ARMY is happy to offer their cleaning services!

After seeing the disarray, fans reached out to J-Hope, volunteering for the job.

These fans have no problem making time for this part-time job.

In fact, he doesn’t even have to pay them in cash. He can pay them in Yeontan time!

Spending time with J-Hope and Yeontan? That sounds like a dream job! The only question is…

…are uniforms mandatory?