This is what J-Hope has done everytime BTS reached a Twitter milestone

BTS is known for their commitment to fans through fun interactions, and Twitter is one of the best mediums for ongoing communication between BTS and their ARMYs.

When BTS hit their first 1 million followers on Twitter J-Hope tweeted a celebratory photo edit and the tradition has continued on ever since.

When they hit 2 million followers, fans wondered if J-Hope would post another edit, and he did not disappoint.

By the 3 million mark, J-Hope’s milestone edits were becoming a tradition for fans and even spawned its own hashtag #Hundred10kSeries.

The hashtag makes reference to the Korean way of saying because, for example, 400 x 10,000 is how you would say 4 million in Korean.

The 5 million followers milestone was J-Hope’s head on the bird of the 500won coin in celebration of 500 x 10k followers.

Having a good laugh out of the series, fans started to wonder where J-Hope gets his inspiration.

J-Hope’s 7 million milestone edit was extra-special as he added “The detailed original photo for your viewing guys~(Y)” in addition to his image on 777 jackpot slot machine wheels.

Everything about the edits is the exact reason why fans love J-Hope, they’re funny, creative, and thoughtful towards loyal fans.

The 9 million milestone edit was a significant one because J-Hope marked the end of the “Hundred 10k series” and promised to come back with the “Thousand 10k series”.

BTS just reached their 10 million milestone and they did something extra special this time around.

Along with the specially recorded video, every member uploaded a GIF of themselves with the hashtag #LoveBTS10M.

These kinds of fan interactions are certainly one of the reasons fans love BTS dearly and how they’re so quickly gaining followers.

Source: BTS Twitter