J-Pop Icon Crystal Kay Leaves A Comment For BoA That Is Absolute Friendship Goals

Queens supporting Queens.

A week ago, BoA posted to her Instagram account thanking fans for sticking by her through her almost-two decade long career with a hand-written note and selfie.

Thanks for having me for 19 years! I will always strive to bring happiness to you all through my music! I appreciate you all so much. Thank you for always motivating me❤️


While many fans rushed to congratulate her on the longevity of her career, wishing her many more years of success, it was Crystal Kay’s comment that stood out among the good wishes.

BoA noticed her friend’s comment and replied enthusiastically in kind.

BoA and Crystal Kay’s friendship spans at least a decade, with the two musical icons first working together on Crystal Kay’s song “Girlfriend” in 2009. In 2011, BoA posted a picture of the two to her Twitter feed.

Although they’re both wildly successful and busy performers whose careers span decades and different countries, it’s wonderful to see they’ve maintained their friendship and have continued to support each other.