Where Are They Now? Here’s What J-Pop Idol Asuka Kiraboshi Who Had A Baby With Her Manager At 18 Years Old Is Up To

Life hasn’t been easy.

Debuting at a young age, Asuka Kiraboshi had a budding career as a J-Pop idol in the group Star Birth.

Asuka Kiraboshi

But her work as a singer isn’t what eventually made local and international headlines. Not long after she left the group in October 2017, she informed fans that she had some important news to relay to them.

They naturally expected her to announce that she would be debuting as a soloist, but it turned out to be something from their wildest dreams! In 2018, the high school idol revealed that she was pregnant with her first child.

Not only was it surprising that she was carrying a baby at just 18 years old, the father of her child was actually her 22-year-old manager. The two had been secretly dating since she was 16 and he was 20.

Despite the circumstances, both were happy to be parents and excitedly awaited the birth of their child.

Aware that many fans felt betrayed, Asuka took to Twitter to release a personal statement. She directly said that she was pregnant, explaining that she did not want to hide the news despite knowing that people would leave her. Additionally, she expressed her desire to continue singing, and she vowed to work hard.

I have become pregnant. I had no intentions of hiding it. I think that there will be lots of people who see this and will be surprised. I think there are a lot of people who will move away from Asuka, but Asuka will not stop the activities that she has done until now. From now on, I will try my hardest along with the child in my stomach!

— Asuka Kiraboshi

Five years have passed since the idol’s pregnancy announcement, but what is she up to now?

| @KiraKira416a/Twitter

According to her social media bio, her health has unfortunately declined in recent years. Some of the many illnesses she suffers from are deafness, asthma, epilepsy, dysuria, and fibromyalgia, which is why she has been in a wheelchair for the past four years.

Yet in spite of ongoing hospital visits and relentless pain, Asuka hasn’t stopped pursuing her dreams!

| @KiraKira416a/Twitter

| @KiraKira416a/Twitter

She kept her promise and is still singing. She recently thanked everyone who watched her performance in Chikusei…

…and she shared a behind-the-scenes photo from one of her practice sessions with other musicians.

As for her child, he is now a healthy young boy who is full of life and energy.

| @KiraKira416a/Twitter

| @KiraKira416a/Twitter

The singer clearly dotes on him, frequently sharing pictures and videos of him online.

| @KiraKira416a/Twitter

However, she hasn’t been uploading any update with her manager, so it isn’t clear whether they are still seeing each other.

Meanwhile, watch their interview from five years ago below.

Where Are They Now?