Jackson Was Having A Heartfelt Moment Talking To Fans, But JB’s Hilarious Photobombing Stole The Show

All focus was on JB’s antics.

During GOT7‘s interview with BUILD, they were asked to describe moments that they teetered between security and insecurity, in conjunction with their mini album Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity. After JB and Yugyeom, it was Jackson‘s turn to answer. While he was pouring his heart out JB realized he was still on camera.

As soon as he noticed himself, the hilarity ensued.

The fans couldn’t contain their laughter, making Jackson stop and ask what was wrong. He couldn’t see JB’s shenanigans, so he had no idea why the fans were laughing during his serious speech!

That didn’t stop JB from having his fun; as soon as Jackson resumed speaking, JB went right back to making funny faces, flaring his nostrils and drawing a laugh from BamBam who was watching the whole thing go down.

Fans were delighted to see what a good time the group had during this interview. Watch the hilarious moment below: