GOT7’s Jackson Wouldn’t Answer MONSTA X’s Joohoney’s Calls

Jackson ignored 50 calls from Joohoney?!

GOT7‘s Jackson and MONSTA X‘s Joohoney appeared on Celebrity Bromance together. In the first episode, the two had plans to meet up, but Joohoney didn’t pick up when Jackson tried to call him.

The Chinese rapper even resorted to calling JYP Entertainment staff to ask for a Starship Entertainment manager’s number to reach his friend.

A few episodes later, Jackson got revenge much to Joohoney’s dismay.

Joohoney continually attempted to FaceTime Jackson with no luck.

Heartbroken, Joohoney almost gave up.

Ultimately, he called Jackson a total of fifty times before his call was received!

Even then, there was still technical difficulties on Jackson’s end with his camera being upside down.

Thankfully, Joohoney is forgiving and quickly moved on to schedule another meet-up with his friend.

Check out the rest of their episodes of Celebrity Bromance below:

Source: W.NABOM