Jackson And JB’s Sexiness Was Too Much For GOT7 To Handle

Jinyoung and Yugyeom weren’t expecting this when they heard sexy.

GOT7 appeared on Weekly Idol as part of promotions for their new title track “Not By The Moon.” Of course, a trip to the show wouldn’t be complete without showing their charms in the “Facial Window” segment.

JB and Jackson took up the challenge, more than confident they would succeed. Even though they’re both sexy without trying, they went above and beyond to do the most, giving the rest of the members a hilarious show they hadn’t been expecting.

When the time came to prove their sexiness, they were ready. As soon as the curtains opened, JB and Jackson didn’t pull any punches. They whipped the curtains open and stared right into everyone’s souls through the camera. As if that wasn’t enough, Jackson reached for JB’s blazer.

BamBam was already drawn in, making a surprised face as he watched their shenanigans. Little did they know, these two were only getting started.

Increasing the heat, Jackson pulled JB’s blazer off his shoulders and down his arms with the most intense look on his face. JB matched him with a dramatic reaction, throwing his head back. Yugyeom couldn’t hide how cringey he found it, smiling to keep from laughing.

When JB literally took matters into his own hands, even Jackson burst into laughter from how ridiculous they looked. He’d run a hand down his face and finished with biting on one of his fingers. Jackson had to turn away, holding a hand in front of his face. He wasn’t alone.

BamBam, Youngjae, and Yugyeom were over it. BamBam physically turned away from them, Youngjae looked down while covering his face, and Yugyeom couldn’t decide between looking at them or away from them. On the flip side, Mark and Jinyoung couldn’t peel their eyes away.

Taking the challenge above and beyond, Jackson stuck his foot into the window, grabbing onto the sides and posing. JB followed his lead, resting a hand on the window and joining him in a sexy pose.

The fact that Jackson had taken it so far had the rest of the members cracking up at how crazy they were being. By now, even Jinyoung had burst into laughter.

JB was just as hilarious. When Jackson had stepped to the side, he took the spotlight for himself. Using both of his arms, he leaned back on the window, leaning forward with a sexy look. Everyone was thoroughly entertained.

When you ask JB and Jackson to show their sexiness, this is the shenanigans you’re getting. See them make everyone laugh here.