Jackson Reveals How He Learned Korean Perfectly: “The Jackson Method”

When asked how he had learned Korean so quickly on a recent Cantonese-language radio show, Jackson gave an answer no one expected.

The Hong Kong-born star admitted he stopped studying and taking formal lessons after half a year as he had trouble getting a firm grasp of the Korean language that way.

According to Jackson, dating Korean girls helped him learn the Korean language faster than any other method.

“I hope that everyone, after listening to this show, can consider dating…Actually, more important is the quarreling, not the dating.”

— GOT7’s Jackson

Although dating is not permitted by his company while he’s under contract, he says he dated as a JYP trainee before making his debut with GOT7 in 2014.

Jackson has certainly come a long way with his Korean, but it looks as though he still has miles to go after this performance in 2016 – getting “schooled” by his foreign contestants on elementary school level questions.