GOT7 Jackson goes 1vs1 against Korean gold medalist in fencing

It’s always interesting to see your favorite idol’s hidden talents. GOT7’s Jackson showed fans that they do not want to mess with his crazy fencing skills!

Jackson got to show off his fencing talent as he defeated Korean Olympic fencer Gu Bon-gil in a short fencing match on M2’s GOT7’s Hard Carry. In a quick but intense match, Jackson surprised himself as he beat the Olympian by 1 point!

Gu Bon-gil was a part of the South Korean men’s fencing team that won a team gold medal during the 2012 Olympics. Jackson considers Gu Bon-gil a role model, as he believes him to be the best fencer in the world. Jackson was a competitive fencer when he was in school. He even went as far as competing in the 2010 Youth Olympics. However, he decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry instead.

At the end of the match, Jackson thought that Gu Bon-gil might have let him win. Even if that was the case, Jackson is still an extremely talented fencer. Since he’s doing activities with GOT7, he probably doesn’t practice fencing on a daily basis. He must be proud that he could still show off his fencing skills and defeat an Olympian in a friendly match!

Source: Herald, BBC