Jae, AleXa, And JUNNY Get Real About Dating Apps

AleXa was used to catfish??

Jae, AleXa, and guest singer-songwriter JUNNY dish on dating apps and the dating scene in episode 54 of How Did I Get Here?

Jae (left), AleXa (middle), and JUNNY (right) | Dive Studios Podcasts/YouTube

All three share that they have never personally been on a dating app, but JUNNY shares that he has “played around with my friends [account]. … But I’ve never bothered downloading on my own phone.” AleXa on the other hand shared a shocking story of how people use to catfish as her on dating apps in high school because she had a public Instagram account.

| alexa_zbofficial/Instagram

Jae gets real about how dating apps are used nowadays, saying “I feel like its become more of a party game for a lot of people. Something to do when conversations get awkward.

| eajpark/Instagram

The topic swung to pick-up lines as JUNNY shared his experience looking through his female friend’s message inbox in a dating app.

[They were saying] these things that you see in like a book, a 101 class of how to pick up girls. It’s hilarious to see it.


The discussion gets a bit more contemplative as Jae speaks his opinion on the matter as well: “I’ll be honest, I think pick up lines— at least in real life— it doesn’t matter what you say, so much as who you are and how you say it.”

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JUNNY concludes that the safest method to dating is naturally meeting someone in real life, which Jae points out is a bit difficult at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that isn’t to say that online dating never works— as long as you can make it past all the pickup lines that is.