DAY6’s Jae Forgot That GOT7 Left JYP Entertainment… Here’s How He Could Tell Something Was Different

“Encore” is a banger!

In a Twitch stream on DAY6 Jae‘s channel eaJParkOfficial, he reacted to GOT7‘s new music for “Encore.” He could immediately sense that there was something different about the song, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He began to wonder out loud, “Dude, did the company finally stop trying to A&R [artists and repertoire] for them? –this is a banger!” 

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Then he remembered, “Oh, they’re not in JY anymore.” He laughed. “No wonder it’s good.”

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He clarified his last statement quickly before any backlash hit, “I’m just kidding. GOT7 songs are all good.” 

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Jae explained his thoughts and reasoning in more detail. He thought that the music sounded very trendy and that the vocal mix was good.

As soon as the first verse hit, I was like, ‘Wait…’ This JY mix?! Then I heard the vocals… and I was like, ‘Wait. It’s not dry?’

— Jae Park

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He went on to to explain a little bit about the behind-the-scenes music producing process and what he meant by his usage of the word “dry” when describing a song.

Mixes ride trends, right? So if you make a song dry, then it doesn’t ride a trend. It lasts much longer than if it was to be mixed wet like that or if it was to be mixed wet like this. This song is super wet. Everything is wet about it. The certain type of reverb or delay that just–or just the EQ [equalization] in general in how you mix a song rides a wave. So a song in 2010 doesn’t sound like a song in 2020. If you to listen to a song in 2010 after listening to a song from 2020, you’ll think, ‘Oh, this is old,’ but the drier a song is and the vocals are, it doesn’t feel as old. And that’s why JY chooses—not JY the person, JY the company—chooses their vocals a lot more dry so that it lasts longer. So, in the short time, it’s not good for your productivity unless the song can somehow win over the audience without the additional filters and mix features of the current trend.

— Jae Park

Jae gave DAY6 as an example in the end. He believes that 90% of their songs are actually dry vocally, such as “You Were Beautiful.” He feels like the vocals are so dry that it’s barely been mixed. In contrast, he attempts to sing in a wider range on his personal eaJ songs. He concluded, “If you can beat it over with the dry, then I think it’s better.” 

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At the end of the “Encore” music video, he added, “This is a good song. It’s cute.”

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You can watch part of the clip from the livestream below.


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