A 4th Generation Idol Flexes His Wealth By Buying An Entire Business For His Sister

Being the younger sibling doesn’t stop him from taking care of his sisters.

CRAVITY stopped by the Jaefriends set to meet former TVXQ member Jaejoong and promote their latest comeback. Besides sharing a few laughs, one member got serious as he revealed the expensive gift he gave his sister.

Jaejoong with CRAVITY’s Minhee (top left), Jungmo (top right), and Hyeongjun (bottom right).

Bonding over how difficult life can be with older sisters, Jaejoong and Hyeongjun saw eye to eye. As he grew older, Jaejoong revealed that he “completely reversed” their dynamics so that he was the one in charge. Hyeongjun claimed to do the same. However, someone wasn’t so sure.

One of the staff members called Hyeongjun out for not telling the whole story. Causing laughter, the idol revealed he was still working to make his sisters take him seriously. To prove it, Hyeongjun shared one of the ways he took care of his sisters.

To help his older sister achieve her dream, Hyeongjun used his own money to buy a flower shop and get the business off the ground.

In fact, my sister owns a flower shop now. And I set that up for her.

— Hyeongjun

Starting a business costs so much money that Jaejoong was speechless. He complimented Hyeongjun, “Wow, that’s cool.” Jaejoong even expressed his wish to go to the flower shop in Tongyeong because he also liked flower arranging like Hyeongjun.

That wasn’t the end of Hyeongjun’s kindness towards his older sisters. He recently gifted one of them with a $5,000 USD CHANEL 22 MINI HANDBAG.

On top of being a caring brother who spends as much time as he can with his sisters, money doesn’t mean a thing to Hyeongjun when it comes to his siblings.

See the fourth-generation idol prove how much he loves his sisters and takes care of them.