Jaejoong was totally confused by the flower crown trend after returning from the military

After serving in the military for his conscripted duty and missing out on many trends, Jaejoong expressed his confusion after being gifted a flower crown. 

During his first fan meeting event after being released from the military, a fan gave JYJ‘s Jaejoong a beautiful flower crown with pink roses. After putting on the flower crown on himself, he put on a white flower crown on the fan too.

In response to the gift, Jaejoong asked the fan where she got the flower crown from and told his fans not to buy flower crowns just because he wore one.

Unaware of what other idols were doing, Jaejoong also asked whether wearing such accessories was a popular trend nowadays.

Jaejoong stated that he only thought the hosts of SBS‘s sketch comedy show Gag Concert wore flower crowns and did not know that this was a new trend.

When learning that idols wear flower crowns at fan meetings too, he began to object about the crown being worn y himself, he then remembered that he is an idol too! His adorable reaction to the gift made fans scream.

Check out the full video of the fan interacting with Jaejoong!