James Corden Reveals That He Would Pick BTS To Help Plan The Ultimate Heist, And Here’s Why

It would definitely be a successful mission!

It is no secret that television host James Corden is a huge fan of BTS! From Carpool Karaoke, interviews, and much more, James Corden has cemented himself as “Papa Mochi!”


In an interview with UK radio station Hits Radio, James Corden revealed that he would choose BTS to help him if he ever had to plan a heist. Not only that, but he already knew exactly which role each member would play!

As expected, James thought that RM would be the perfect person to mastermind the whole plan and follow his lead. That is no surprise because, as BTS’s leader, he will have the perfect skills to plan, strategize and execute the task.

| @hitsradiouk/Twitter 

He then picked Suga, Jungkook, and his little Mochi Jimin to be the lookouts on the mission so that the plan would be able to go smoothly without any chance of being caught.

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In a heist, sometimes the time you spend staking out the area takes up the most time. For this reason, James said that he would probably stay in the back of the van with JinV, and J-Hope just to have a great time!

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If you had to plan the ultimate heist, which role would you assign each BTS member?

Source: Hits Radio and FI