James Corden Tested Max Minghella On His BTS Knowledge

He proved that he genuinely loves the boys.

On a recent episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, James Corden couldn’t help but mention how Max Minghella is a huge fan of BTS!

Max Minghella confirmed that he is a huge fan of the group and has even seen them live in concert with celebrity friend Dylan O’Brien.

He claims that the concert is astonishing. He couldn’t help but rave over how talented the boys are. 

They were afraid that they would be recognized, especially Dylan O’Brien, so they chose to wear masks at the concert.

To test his knowledge, James Corden starts asking Max Minghella questions about the K-Pop group. To start off easy, he asks what BTS stands for.

Max Minghella acknowledges that there is numerous name for BTS. He mentions their Korean name and then mentions “Bulletproof Boyscouts“.

James Corden then holds up a picture of two of the members. He easily recognizes that they are Jin and J-Hope..

When asked who his favorite members are, he replies that he’s a Jungkook and guy!

Fans appreciate how Max Minghella is a genuine fan of BTS and doesn’t seem to be hopping on the bandwagon of liking BTS. It’s great how he genuinely loves the boys!