Jang Jae In Described Her Now Boyfriend Nam Tae Hyun as Introverted, Serious, and Lonely on Studio Vibes

Jang Jae In shared that her and Nam Tae Hyun are very similar in nature.

On the most recent episode of tvN’s Studio Vibes, 10 young musicians were shown engaging in real-life romance.

The musicians shared their thoughts on who caught their eye the most, and during that talk, one of the female musicians, Go Sung Min brought up Nam Tae Hyun and how he gave off a business vibe.

In response, Jang Jae In defended Nam Tae Hyun by saying, “I’ve thought about Nam Tae Hyun, and I think it’s hard for both of us to open our hearts to other people. I try to be outgoing and get along with everyone, but I’m actually not like that either. I’m introverted and serious. And I get the feeling that Nam Tae Hyun is like that, too.

Jang Jae In also expressed, “He’s probably going through a very hard and lonely time. People like that actually have a lot of love hidden within them.

Jang Jae In and Nam Tae Hyun developed their relationship on the tvN show, Studio Vibes, and are currently in a public relationship.

Source: Dispatch