Jang Moonbok Revealed to Have Attended His Mother’s Funeral in His Best Stage Outfit

And he had a good reason for doing so.

LIMITLESS recently held their debut showcase in Seoul where Jang Moonbok opened up about his mother’s passing just 2 months earlier.

According to his agency, ONO Entertainment, Jang Moonbok’s mother battled against ovarian cancer for 2 years, and after hearing the news that she had until this December to live, the agency scheduled LIMITLESS’ debut for May in hopes that she could see her son perform on stage.

But it’s been revealed that the health of Jang Moonbok’s mother deteriorated at a quicker pace than expected leading to her passing last May.

Furthermore, it’s been reported that she left a will for her son that read, “I don’t want you to wear all black to my funeral. Please wear your favorite stage outfit instead.

For that reason, Jang Moonbok wore his best stage outfit to his mother’s funeral, and his friends paid their respects while wearing vibrant colors as well.

Source: Dispatch