Jang Nara Shares The “Secret” To Her Timeless And Youthful Skin

It only takes 10 minutes?!

Jang Nara is known for her timeless beauty as it looks like she hasn’t aged one bit since her debut days.

2002 (Left) & 2019 (Right)

She even has multiple nicknames due to maintaining her youthful appearance.

The “secret” to her skin is actually a simple one, it’s just massaging your face every day after cleaning.

There are multiple little steps for massing your skin. The first step is to massage your chin.

The second step is to massage the area near your lips and “spreading” the skin out.

The third step is to massage the areas around your eyes gently because that area can be sensitive to touch.

The final step is to massage around your nose and eyebrows.

The process is quite a simple one and only takes a few minutes to complete.