The 41-Year-Old Actor Who Could Pass For A 20-Year-Old Idol

He hasn’t aged in years.

One K-Drama actor immediately catches everyone’s attention because of his idol-like looks, but people get more “caught” after learning his age.

Take a look at these photos, all posted by Jang Seung Jo on Instagram this year. In some, he could easily pass for a 20-year-old college student…

…or an idol in his early thirties (at the oldest), but Jang Seung Jo is actually much older than he appears.

Jang Seung Jo | @ssangear1004/Instagram

He might not look like it, but this actor is actually 41 years old, born on December 13, 1981!

Jang Seung Jo has starred in several dramas, such as Strangers Again, as well as a few variety programs. His looks always catch the viewers’ attention, and it’s easy to see why.

Jang Seung Jo in “Strangers Again” (2023) | ENA

Unfortunately for any would-be suitors, Jang Seung Jo is also married–to a woman as gorgeous as he is. He and The Grace‘s Lina tied the knot in 2014, and the couple now has two children.

The Grace’s Lina (left) and Jang Seung Jo

Check out more photos of Jang Seung Jo’s ageless visuals below: