Korean Announcer Personally “Edits” Rude Comments Calling Him Ugly

He even drew a heart around the dislike button that had 22 votes.

JTBC announcer, Jang Sung Kyu recently posted an edited screenshot along with the caption, “I can’t believe my face is being judged in such a nice article about me. I was shocked when someone came to my defence while also agreeing that I’m ugly. It’s frustrating that no one knows how good I look in real life. Don’t judge my face until you see it in person, guys.

The shared screenshot shows an article regarding Jang Sung Kyu hosting a brand new show, and the first comment reads, “I wish he wasn’t on the show… He’s ugly and has no talent… But he sure knows how to work his connections.

In response, Jang Sung Kyu wrote, “What a killer comment on my face” and even drew a red heart around the dislike button that had 22 votes.

And the following comment read, “He’s not good-looking or anything, but he’s talented. Check him out on Walkman” to which Jang Sung Kyu wrote, “Did you have to agree to that?

Fans who saw this are commending Jang Sung Kyu for stepping up for himself while also managing to put a comedic spin on it.

Source: Dispatch