Jang Sung Kyu Shares Shockingly Attractive Photos of Himself as a Chuseok Gift for Fans

He should take off his glasses more often…

TV personality, Jang Sung Kyu just wished his fans a happy Chuseok but did it in the most unexpected way.

Jang Sung Kyu shared photos of himself on his official Instagram account along with the caption, “I won’t wish you a happy Chuseok with just words alone. Let me show you my ‘boyfriend shots’. I hope they bless your eyes and make you happy.

His exaggerated confidence made many fans laugh, but what they didn’t expect was for him to actually look very attractive in the photos that he shared.

He shared photos of himself without glasses on, and it’s hard to deny that he looked pretty hot.

But of course, as the comedian that he is, he made sure to add contrasting photos that are making everyone wonder if it’s actually the same person.

Source: Dispatch