This Japanese Actor Looks Like Kai and Lee Minho Combined

Can you imagine how a combination of two incredibly gorgeous men, Lee Min Ho and EXO‘s Kai, would look? If so, take a look at this Japanese actor.

Popular Japanese actor, Sota Fukushi, has been known to bear a strong resemblance to well-known actor, Lee Min Ho, and EXO’s Kai. At first glance, one may even think it’s just a picture of these two talented Korean stars but at closer inspection, it’s a different person.

Take a look at the Japanese actor here:

He looks so much like Lee Min Ho in his younger years!
Aside from gaining popularity due to looking like popular faces in Korea, he is a very handsome man himself.
He looks very similar to Kai when his hair is down and has a strong jaw line like him!
Just by looking at his face, it would make someone want to take a look at any dramas or movies he’s been in just to see him.
He probably gets mistaken for being Kai or Lee Min Ho many times.

Now compare him to a picture of Kai and Lee Min Ho:

Here’s a picture of Kai from 2014 to compare him to Sota.
Lee Min Ho in his younger days for comparison.