This Japanese Star Just Claimed On Live Broadcast That Kissing BTS’s V Wouldn’t Be So Bad

ARMYs aren’t the only ones mesmerized by the V-isual.

Ryoma Takeuchi, a Japanese actor with his popularity soaring in the industry, mentioned BTS‘s V during his recent Instagram live broadcast — in a way that no one has ever done before. ARMYs are thrilled to find out Ryoma is a fanboy too and find his brief but playful conversation about V to be extra relatable.


In the broadcast, Ryoma sang a part of “Lights” by BTS. He then discussed BTS in more detail with his staff.

What’s this song called? I forgot…

— Ryoma Takeuchi


He specifically mentioned V by calling him “the boy with blue hair”. When his staff reminded him of V’s nickname “Taetae”, Ryoma immediately began praising Taetae’s A+ visual game.

Taetae? Isn’t he really good-looking? Isn’t he the best? He’s really something.

— Ryoma Takeuchi


Ryoma got so whipped for V that he admitted, “If it is with V, I might be able to kiss him.” When the staff got flustered, Ryoma added it meant that’s how beautiful he thinks V is!

I think… if it is with Taetae, I might be able to kiss him. I mean, that’s how beautiful he seems to me.

— Ryoma Takeuchi


While Ryoma’s public confession of his newfound love for Taetae might be taken as quite bold, ARMYs aren’t surprised he found himself blurting out that he would consider kissing V…


… because yes, with a visual like this, V is most likely to be very high up on everyone’s list of kissable faces.


Watch the clip here: