Japanese Actress Kiriko Isono Can’t Stop Fangirling Over BTS’s Jimin, And Honestly, Same

She is so relatable!

It seems as if every day, celebrities from across the world are sharing their love for BTS. Is it any surprise? Recently, Japanese actress and comedian Kiriko Isono joined the list of people making the world aware of their ARMY status. In particular, Isono shared her love for member Jimin.

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During an interview on a Fuji TV variety show, she explained how although she loved all the group, Jimin stood out the most.

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Like many ARMY, she is also in awe of Jimin’s fashion sense, especially when he isn’t on stage. She loves it so much that it even inspired her own wardrobe.

When he’s not in his performance suit, he wears horizontal stripe shirts a lot. I usually don’t care for striped shirts, but I bought one today. Jimin never told me to wear stripe shirts, but he likes the shirts, so I wear striped shirts just like him.

— Kiriko Isono

| Kookie’s lost Banana milk/YouTube
| Kookie’s lost Banana milk/YouTube     

Like every ARMY, she also expressed her love for the group’s latest track, “Butter,” and once again revealed that she couldn’t take her eyes off Jimin. Along with his performance skills, Jimin’s love for his fans wasn’t lost on her.

After a while, for some kind of interview or something, someone noticed and said, ‘Did Jimin dye his hair black?’ and it went viral on SNS. In the middle of the night, he uploaded a picture of himself and said, ‘Yes! I dyed my hair black.’ What is that? That’s just like a boyfriend.

— Kiriko Isono

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She ended with a line that many ARMY can probably relate to by saying, “I think my first love might be Jimin.

But I’ve never been like this before. I think of BTS, Jimin every day. Even right now. No, I’m not working. I’m thinking of Jimin right now.

— Kiriko Isono

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It is not the first time she has spoken about her love for Jimin in the past! After the group didn’t win a Grammy, she went onto social media, showing her disappointment but revealing how much Jimin’s message meant to her! Kiriko Isono is definitely a certified ARMY, and you can watch the whole video below.

You can see the interview in the clip below.

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