Here’s Why Japanese Actress Haruka Shimazaki Respects Korea’s Subway Culture

She was not happy with what she witnessed on the subway in Japan.

Japanese actress and former AKB48 member, Haruka Shimazaki recently criticized an office worker for not giving up their seat to a standing elder on the subway.

Haruka Shimazaki’s Twitter post reads, “A grandfather has given up his seat for a little child, so why are the office workers still sitting in the seats reserved for elders?

She then went on to praise Korea by expressing, “I respect Korea. All the healthy young people are standing and the seats reserved for the elders are empty. I want to travel to many different countries and learn lots of praiseworthy things.

Haruka Shimazaki added, “It’s sad that pregnant women can’t sit in those seats. Same goes for women with severe period cramps. I hope our country becomes a better place to live with people looking out for each other.

Various Japanese media outlets have reported on Haruka Shimazaki’s post and it’s receiving both positive and negative responses from Japanese netizens.

Source: Dispatch