The Japanese Actress Who Transformed Into BTS’s V

The resemblance is uncanny.

When it comes to BTS‘s V, it seems as if there is nothing he can’t do. From being an amazing singer, adorable actor, and phenomenal performer, there is no denying that he is an all-rounder. However, even though his velvet voice and charisma are out of this world, his visuals are no joke!

BTS’s V | BigHit Entertainment

There is literally nobody who can deny just how flawless V is with his adorable smile, sparkling eyes, and charming personality.

Yet, it seems as if it isn’t just ARMYs who are falling for V’s visuals. Japanese model Asuka Kijima went viral after admiring V’s visuals so much that she wanted to recreate his look.

Asuka Kijima | @asuka_kijima/ Instagram

Kijima, who is a weathercaster on NTV at the time, did a Korean male idol makeup challenge on her YouTube channel. With the help of a makeup artist, the model slowly transformed herself into V.

By becoming V, she showed just why V has become an inspiration for millions of people with his style, fashion, or his look. Yet, Asuka Kijima didn’t just half-heartedly do the makeover but did complete justice to V replicating not only his style but hair and demeanor.

Although it seemed like a shock to Asuka after seeing herself dressed as V, she was very excited explaining how awesome she looked. Even the makeup artist pointed out how handsome she looked dressed as V!

After the video was shared, Asuka also shared images of the complete look on her Instagram and there is no denying that she looks amazing! From the makeup, hair, and outfit, it definitely radiated true V vibes, but she added her own spin on it to ensure that she was doing the look justice.

| @asuka_kijima/ Instagram
| @asuka_kijima/ Instagram

As expected, fans took to social media to share their thoughts on the cosplay and they couldn’t believe how good Asuka looked. They also praised V for continuing to showcase his influence worldwide to the extent that everyone wants to try out his look.

With such an uncanny resemblance, it’s no surprise why Asuka’s transformation into V caught the attention of ARMYs worldwide! Make sure to watch the whole video below to see how she achieved this amazing look.