Japanese Article Praises DREAMCATCHER While Contrasting Them With TWICE and BLACKPINK

In preparation of the release of DREAMCATCHER’s new album, Japan braces itself for a wave of inSomnia.

Ahead of the release of DREAMCATCHER‘s full Japanese album, a journalist did an in-depth look on the “newness” of the group and how they stand out against popular idol groups like TWICE and BLACKPINK.

Based on the dark and unique concept of “Nightmare”, they have a powerful rock sound and a mysterious world-view not seen in existing K-Pop girl groups showing new, unseen charms which made a fresh impact on the public.

—Real Sound

While describing the originality of DREAMCATCHER’s nightmare concept to their Japanese audience, the writer observes that every piece of the group’s story is intertwined. For example, they note, the group’s name is based on a Native American amulet that protects children from nightmares. Additionally, they utilize the pattern of the dreamcatcher for symbolism, changing the pattern for each album to express the differences in theme and story.

Further analyzing DREAMCATCHER’s dedication to their nightmare storyline, a connection is drawn between “Chase Me”, “Goodnight”, and “Fly High”. In their observations, the writer says that “Chase Me” from the debut single Nightmare shows the seven members becoming nightmares.

“Goodnight” from the single album Fall Asleep in the Mirror focuses on the desperate pursuit of the Nightmare Hunter.

And, “Fly High” from their first mini-album Prequel answers the pressing question “Why have the girls become a nightmare?”

The article goes on to praise the group’s ability to seamlessly blend powerful vocal with dynamic performances. It states that there is a clear distinction between refreshing and cute “Lovely Girl” groups like TWICE, who are already popular in Japan, and cool “Girl Crush” groups like BLACKPINK, which is what gives DREAMCATCHER such a unique presence.

DREAMCATCHER’S album The Beginning of the End is set to be released on September 11 (JST).

Source: Real Sound