Japanese Girl Lets Men Grab Her Boobs For World Peace

World Peace is a high ideal, and a Japanese Youtuber, Pepsi Lu, is trying to get us there by her very own way.

On a November evening in Tokyo’s busy Shibuya district, she held up a sign that read “Free Oppai (breast)”.


Her sign attracted 60 passersby, Japanese men and women, and tourists, to touch her chest.



One man even decided to rub his face between her breasts, and a woman, possibly moved by the idea behind the exercise, squeezed Pepsi Lu’s breasts and declared her support.

“‘The world will be at peace. Breasts will save the world.”

— Anonymous participant


Pepsi Lu seemed to be having a good time throughout the process.


She had three men and a woman, possibly friends or colleagues, next to her the whole time to make sure she’s safe.



With over 1M views, Pepsi Lu’s video is on its way to going viral — you can watch the video below.

Source: Lass