Little Girl Terrifies Her Classmates Every Year With Her Halloween Costumes

We can’t wait to see next year’s costume!

Meet Momo Lu, from Kaohsiung, Taiwan who went viral for dressing up as No-Face from Spirited Away on Halloween.

She became an internet sensation and instant meme, as her classmate was captured crying from fear at the sight of her costume.

This past Halloween, she took it up a notch and went as Ryuk from Death Note.

It’s no surprise that she went viral all over again.

「三歲」真人版路克VS電影版路克比較萌根本路克…..#無極限萬聖節 #死神路克萌 #蘋果 #ppap路克

Posted by 萌萌&咩咩(小小無臉男) on Friday, October 27, 2017

Especially because her little sister joined in on the fun and went as L, another character from Death Note. 

Momo managed to make another classmate cry this year.

Momo’s mom, Elmo Chan, said she’ll eventually teach her to make her own costumes.

We can’t wait to see what the family comes up with next year!