Japanese Husband Refuses To Talk To His Wife For 20 Years…Despite Living Under The Same Roof

Here’s the full story of the sulking husband.

Can you imagine staying married to someone who never talked to you? This is exactly what happened between Japanese couple Otou and Yumi Katayama from the region of Nara.

20-Year Silence

Otou Katayama has gained attention worldwide for not speaking a word to his wife for around twenty entire years, something he managed to do while still living with her and their three children in the same house.

The Beginning

He switched from a loving spouse to a cold one seemingly overnight. In Otou’s own words, this was because he was “jealous” of the amount of time she spent with their kids instead of him.

I was kind of… jealous. I was sulking, I guess.

— Otou Katayama

Yumi, his wife, repeatedly attempted to talk to him throughout the past two decades. She would only receive a nod or a grunt in response.

The Do-Over

In 2017, the couple’s 18-year old son, Yoshiki, decided to intervene. He contacted a local television show and asked them for help to fix the cold relationship between his parents.

The program arranged for the couple to meet on a bench in Nara park, the same place where they had their first date decades ago. Otou Katayama acknowledged the errors of his ways to her.

 There’s no going back now I guess.

— Otou Katayama

He then expressed his gratitude towards his wife for her efforts in caring for their family throughout the last two decades.

You were so concerned about the kids. Yumi, up until now, you have endured a lot of hardship. I want you to know I’m grateful for everything.

— Otou Katayama

This was the first conversation between his parents that Yoshiki had ever witnessed. The cast of the TV show could not help but tear up as well at the significant scene before them.

In the end, Otou Katayama asked for his wife’s permission to be together as a true husband moving forward—with actual conversations between them promised.

Otou: I also want to talk after this. I hope we can work together from here.

Yumi: I hope so, too.

Source: DailyMail

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