Japanese Idol Tries To Break Bricks With Her G-Cup Breasts

As Japan is known for their unique entertainment shows, a Japanese idol became the talk of the town when she attempted to smash roof tiles with her breasts.

Sora, a Japanese news media recently introduced an idol named Kamiya Erina from the group “Kamen Joshi” also known as “Masked Girls”.

 Erina tried to break tiles with her breasts because she was inspired her colleague Kiwamura Nanaka when she crushed 8 tiles with her own small fists.

Nanaka broke 8 tiles out of the 10 she had set up and displayed a lot of strength despite her small physique.

Watching this, Erina felt compelled to try it out herself but with her large breasts instead, because she said using her fists were too difficult.

Erina attempted several times but failed and proceeded to try it out with her butt instead.


Source: Dispatch