Japanese Model Talking About Korean Fashion Causes Heated Discussion

On an Afreeca TV show with BJ Winter Choi, a Japanese model named Akari shared her opinion about Korean fashion, and Korean netizens were split in their opinions.

When a viewer asked Akari for her opinion on Korean people’s fashion styles, Akari said, “Do you want me to be honest?” before continuing onto her answer that stirred up a storm.


Akari stated, “Koreans don’t have a variety of styles like the Japanese.”

“Everyone is the same. Everyone follows the trend and wears the same thing.”


Akari explained that when she goes to Hongik University area, which is a popular destination for hipsters and fashionistas, she sees people who are dressed the same.


She added it’s hard to tell apart people because everyone looks the same.


To this, some Koreans have expressed strong disagreement.

  • “I agree that Koreans are sensitive to trends, but can’t agree to not having a variety.”
  • “I don’t know what part of Hongdae she has been to, lol.”
  • “I can’t tell who is who in Japan either.”


Some agreed but criticized that Akari could have worded her stance better.

  • “I think it’s a bit aggressive to say everyone is the same or she can’t tell who is who.”
  • “She’s right, but she said it in such a mean way.”
  • “Was it necessary to add that last comment about not being able to tell people apart?”


Others simply admitted that Koreans indeed lack a variety when it comes to fashion and praised Japan for having unique styles.

  • “I agree. Koreans are wearing the same things everywhere.”
  • “Japanese people try all kinds of styles. They’re open to mixing and matching, while Koreans aren’t. So to a Japanese person, I’m sure it seems that way.”
  • “Agreed. I went to Japan and saw that everyone is so different and unique.”


See the full video here.

Source: Instiz and ijs3387