Japanese “Produce 48” Contestant Goes Viral In Korea After Just 2 Seconds Of Screen Time

She wowed Soyou, Lee Hong Gi, and the Korean viewers too!

The second episode of Produce 48 showed all trainees hard at work in their assigned groups. Group A, comprised of the best trainees with the most potential, was spotted taking vocal lessons from Soyou.


When it came turn for Sakura Miyawaki to sing in front of Soyou, expectations were high as she remains one of the most popular Japanese trainees on the show.


It was, however, trainee Miyu Takeuchi who stole the spotlight and showed off her brilliant talent.


When Sakura Miyawaki had trouble reaching the high notes of the show’s theme song, Soyou sought out Miyu Takeuchi to set an example.

“Miyu, can you come forward?” — Soyou


Miyu Takeuchi was asked to sing the chorus. When she hit the high notes without too much trouble, Soyou gave her two thumbs up and encouraged her.

“Good!” — Soyou


All together, Miyu Takeuchi had about two seconds of screen time. This was clearly more than enough to shake the viewers’ hearts though. “Takeuchi Miyu” (as Koreans call her) hiked all the way up to rank #7 on a Korean search engine’s most searched keywords list.


While she began trending among the viewers after the second episode, Miyu Takeuchi had already charmed the judges and her fellow trainees with her first performance (that she arranged herself!).

Judge Lee Hongki was especially amazed by the fact that Miyu Takeuchi was able to arrange a whole song by herself.

“By yourself? Wow!” — Lee Hong Gi


Following the first two episodes, Miyu Takeuchi now sits in Top 12 as the 11th member. She continues to intrigue Korean viewers with her potential and talent!

Her YouTube channel has seen a tremendous increase of 10K new followers since her appearance on Produce 48.


Miyu Takeuchi uploaded a long thank you note on her Instagram account, completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of attention that she has been receiving.


Watch the short but sweet two seconds that wowed the viewers: