Japanese Restaurant Releases New Sauce Flavor: Female Idol Sweat

Japanese chicken karaage chain Tenka Torimasu has introduced its newest sauce flavor: girl’s sweat. 

Tenka Torimasu’s newest sauce flavor is made of salt, lemon juice, and cheese, and is meant to replicate the sweat of female J-Pop idols. 

The flavor is actually a collaboration with girl group Kamen Joshi, or “Masked Girls.”

Group member Anna Tachibana asked fans to support the collaboration with a short message.

“What!! Refreshing sweat from idol, what does it feel like, fried chicken you only dreamed of has been created!!! A collaboration between Kamen Joshi and Tenka Torimasu, please try “girl’s sweat” chicken!!!

– Anna Tachibana

The promotion has already begun and will run until October 31st. Each serving will cost ¥400 yen, or approximately $3.63 USD. 

“Girl’s sweat” is definitely an adventurous step up from wasabi mayo and sweet chili!

Photo: Franchise JAPAN

Source: NariNari