Japanese Sex Predators Brag About Assaulting School Girl

Japanese sex predators planned to assault school girls and talked about their perfect plan online.

Japanese teens take an exam called the “Center Test” which determines which college they can be placed to; it is highly important.

Japanese sex predators discussed that assaulting school girls during the morning commute of this exam is the best day to assault them. (*chikan is the Japanese word for subway groping)

  • “Tomorrow’s the Center Test, and the forecast for chikan is great.”
  • “The number-one chance for chikan is on the days of the Center Test.”
  • “Since the Center Test takes place tomorrow, the conditions are perfect for chikan. All right, gonna hop on the train tomorrow and have a little nice communication with the girls.”
  • “You can feel up girls headed to the Center Test all you want and get off scot-free!!!”
  • “The Center Test is tomorrow? It’s a chikan carnival!”
  • “I just realized something amazing. If you grope a girl on the day of the Center Test, you won’t get caught, right?”

They explained that the schoolgirls will have no time to respond or report the predators because the test is highly strict on punctuality.

Reporting a sexual assault is a time-consuming process as the victim has to go to the police station, get a report filed and the morning of the exam is too time tight for any of this.

Luckily, authorities revealed statistics about sexual assault crimes on the morning of the exams and reported there was no spike in reports.

Source: Sora News