Japanese Show Made Two Strangers Make Out To See If They’ll Fall In Love

Two complete strangers were invited to a swimming pool for a unique experiment on love.

They were required to kiss each other every 30 minutes, for up to 5 times during the experiment.

At first, both the man and woman were incredibly awkward and couldn’t even look at each other.

Their first kiss was equally as awkward, as they kept their bodies as far apart as they could.

The second time around, the man mustered up a little courage to put his arms around her waist.

By their third kiss, the couple had warmed up to each other and became more comfortable.

The couple were then required to have their fourth kiss in the pool, and they were evidently becoming less awkward.

They were becoming more playful and passionate with each other as they shared one last passionate kiss.

After the experiment ended, the two promised to show up at a specific location if they were interested in one another.

Sure enough, both the man and woman turned up, proving that a simple kiss can influence one’s emotions.

Watch the full segment here!