This Japanese Talent Agency Is Dedicated Solely To Cosplayers

Cosplayers rejoice because theres an agency solely dedicated to helping cosplayers get more awareness with their art.

A Japanese agency is now giving cosplayers a chance to turn their hobby into a career.


Cosplaying, a play on the words costume play, is a hobby that allows cosplayers to wear costumes of specific characters. Each participant gains recognition for their onpoint impersonation and are often met by fans through anime conventions and other appearances.


This popularity allowed the agency to attract cosplayers directly to clients in terms of management, casting and promoting at trade shows, conventions and other public events.


Once registered, the participants can have their own profile page, photographs and a short biography of their skills and talents.


Cosplay Agency was the company launched by Dwango. The same company that runs Japanese video streaming service, Nico Nico Douga.


It also not exclusive to Japanese cosplayers but have also opened their agency to foreigners.


The agency received international press since its launch while independent cosplayers expressing their interest to join on various social media sites.


Source: JapanToday