Japanese Teen Reveals The Horrific Truth About Sexual Molestation In Public Trains

A Japanese woman who was sexually molested on the train for six long years just published a book that recounted her horrific experiences for the world to see.

The woman’s name is Kumi Sasaki and the book is called “Tchikan” which means groping in public transportation in Japanese.

Kumi Sasaki’s book covers the suffering she endured from ages 12-18, her middle and high school years.

She even recounted the first time she was attacked in the subway.

“The fingers of his unfamiliar hand went inside the collar of my blouse. Then he touched my back, he touched my legs, my waist, even my butt. He placed his hand directly under the cheeks, quietly raising up my skirt by just moving his fingers, and he touched my left thigh under my skirt.”

Due to the constant abuse, she had to suffer all those years, the author even thought about ending her life. Thankfully, her close friend helped her and she was saved. The author now lives in Paris, France and thanks to her book, has started a #MeToo movement in Japan.