This Japanese Trainee Entered YG Because His Mom Is a BIGBANG Fanatic

He is now debuting with YG’s new boy group, TREASURE.

On V Live’s YG Treasure Box, the Japanese trainee, Haruto revealed what made him join YG Entertainment.

On the show, Yang Hyun Suk looked at Haruto’s profile and asked, “Is your mother a BIGBANG fan?

In response, Haruto explained, “She joined the BIGBANG fan cafe, and I grew to like them too after that.

His mother turned out to be a passionate fanatic. She could fill an entire room with BIGBANG goods.

She simply stated, “I’ve never thought about how much they cost. I just bought them because I love them.

His mother even attended a BIGBANG concert, and Haruto tagged along as well.

Haruto explained, “When I watched BIGBANG perform, I decided that I wanted to be just like them. That’s why I auditioned for YG Japan.

Haruto passed through at the age of 12 and he was recently selected as one of the members of YG’s new boy group, TREASURE.

You can watch the full footage in the link below:

Source: Dispatch