Japanese Variety Show Sparked Controversy by Making Girl Group Members Come “Face-To-Bum” with Men’s Butts

One girl group member even made physical contact with a man’s butt.

The Japanese variety show, AKBingo was a hot topic of conversation in Korean online communities due to what they put girl group members through in one of their shows.

On the show, men approached the girl group members’ faces with their butts and the girl group members had to press the button once they didn’t want the butt to come any closer.

The distance between the men’s butts and the girl group members’ faces were measured at the point of the button being pressed, and the girl group member with the shortest distance won the game.

The first idol to go tried her best to endure it but ended up pressing the button once the man’s butt was 35 centimeters away.

And the next man to go even sprayed cologne on his butt before proceeding with the game.

In addition, one girl group member endured it for so long, that her face made physical contact with the man’s butt.

Korean netizens who saw this are responding in various ways through comments such as “That’s probably not why they debuted as girl group members…“, “Why do they keep doing that when no one likes it?“, and “This is actually so shocking“.